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I don’t like John Quiggin

Yes, that’s right.  I don’t like John Quiggin.  There, I’ve said it. 

JQ and I have a little history.  I think that’s fairly clear here, where he continually reverted my edits on WP.  I admit I went a little over the top, but I think I had a mild stroke and lost a few brain cells in anger over his continual reversion of my edits on WP.  He also displayed a disturbingly vindictive mean streak that counsels against me indulging in the cafeteria food if ever I visit the sunny environs of the University of Queensland campus (I’m desperately afraid he may try to poison me in revenge!). 

Somewhat “uncharacteristic” for a (supposedly) “world-renowned” academic economist, wouldn’t you say?

A fellow traveller (also recently censored and blocked from WP) and I discussed the sad, slow decline of supposedly “open source” WP into a dead bureaucratic sclerosis here, shortly before he was permanently banned (unjustly in my opinion).  He accused JQ of essentially being part of a cabal of editors intent on censoring contrary views on WP and enforcing the “mainstream” view with Lenin-like discipline.  I make no comment regarding the veracity of Skip’s allegations, other than to say that if quality full-color pictures of Lenin, Stalin and Karl Marx are all hiding in JQ’s wallet, I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

I find JQ fascinating-slash-appalling in a number of ways.  First, he presumes to edit on WP in areas he openly acknowledges he has little background in, such as ABCT.  The ultimate irony coming out of his supposedly “objective” editing of ABCT on WP, was this clearly derogatory (biased?) post some months later, only to have this analysis cut to pieces by Bob Murphy, an Austrian economist resident at Mises.org. 

This king-hit on JQ’s weak, pedestrian, cursory (and arguably misleading) analysis on ABCT didn’t seem to phase him, strangely enough.  He stated in the comments section of the Mises.org piece that he would write a considered rebuttal to Murphy’s post at a later date, and Murphy even admitted that he had left himself wide open to a few “zingers” in response.  I waited for this “zinging” rebuttal to surface.  It never did.  It either drowned in other work, or perhaps JQ’s attention span is affected by the academic equivalent of ADHD.

Second, the posts on his own blog rarely seem to stay within the boundaries of his expertise – Keynesian (and presumably Marxist) economics.  In fact, he seems to often talk about anything but these issues.  His current bugbear is climate change “science”.  Last time I looked he had a garden-variety PhD in mainstream economics from the University of New England (?!), not a PhD in climate science (which I believe you can now get at some universities – not that this has anything to do with the promotion of climate change by academics and govts).  But ignorance in an area that is not within his professional expertise hasn’t stopped him in the past and, clearly, won’t stop him here.  I don’t know whether anything would stop him, short of an on-coming Mack truck.  He has a guaranteed income (and tenure) after all, and seems to exploit this fact with wild abandon, launching tirade after tirade against climate change sceptics, analyzing them as a psychiatrist would analyze an axe-murderer.  What strange mental affliction haunts these mentally retarded climate change non-believers, he speculates. 

Any high IQ response to the denigration of climate change non-believers is brutally suppressed.  I often feel like I’m living in a Stalinist gulag when I venture onto his carefully monitored site.  He “censored” (if that’s the right word) my anti-carbon tax arguments on his own blog and went to the bizarre lengths of searching me out in the comments section of his blog and banning me for a week.   Mortally wounded, I sought refuge on the ozrisk.net website, where Andrew Reynolds (barely) tolerates my numerous, voluminous rants. 

TT picked up my fairly innocuous comments here and re-posted them with his own comments, so the attempt at censorship may have backfired.  Good to see another enviro-libertarian out there in the blogsphere defending both the environment and freedom (of speech?). 

And still no one has yet to explain why Statists are screaming for a carbon tax on the one hand and stimulus spending on the other.  I would have thought a simple doubling of interest rates to encourage saving and reduce unnecessary consumption would have been a much simpler, easier, more “market-based” solution to our problems.  I guarantee it would reduce carbon emissions – unlike the “market-based” (ha ha ha!) carbon-credits idea, which has done nothing of the sort in Europe.

But I digress.  Where was I?  Oh yes, John Quiggin.

Third, he tries to write like his hero, idol, pin-up economist, Paul Krugman – that “chin out” “dare-to-defy-my-truth” kind of American liberal arrogance.  In other words, there never seems to be the kind of tentative, exploratory, conditional, open searching for truth that you would expect from a (true?) academic.  He comes across as a some kind of economic equivalent of a religious zealot, already convinced of the “rightness” of his position on every point, ready to destroy any academic who dares to defy “The Truth”.  The current rants on climate change are plan scary, and, disturbingly, may be contributing to Rudd’s bizarre attacks on climate change non-believers.  They are both from Queensland, both appear to have Fabian inclinations (I have no firm evidence – I merely have my suspicions) and are both idiots, so I’m sure they talk to each other.

To think he’s widely lauded as one of Australia’s best economists makes me even more suicidal than normal.  I’ve carefully packed the knives away in the cupboards tonight in case I sleepwalk…

  1. Alice
    November 9, 2009 at 8:51 am

    ABOM – did you write this?

  2. November 9, 2009 at 12:20 pm

    ABOM died. From lack of paper money.

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