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Contracting out government to private consultant “mercenaries”

In ancient times, corrupt empires would be forced to recruit “barbarian” mercenaries to fight wars because the local populace could not be trusted to fight for the Empire.  They were either too weak, too taxed, too starving, too hostile, too exhausted or too smart to fight and die for the Emperor.

Today, something similar is happening in the US.  Blackwater is corporatized death.

In Australia, no one would tolerate the wildly excessive salaries of pointless paper-shuffling bureaucrats ordering us around at our expense.  So the task is contracted out to private consultant mercenaries who provide advice not for the benefit of the public weal (I love that term, so laced with history), but for the benefit of themselves and their other, more lucrative, clients who themselves provide services to government.

Has any Canberra bureaucrat (or, for that matter, Kevin “my wife’s business is none of your business” Rudd) ever heard of the term “Conflict of Interest”? 

Who is the government “competing against” so aggressively in the marketplace to require this kind of detailed strategic consulting advice?  It’s a monopoly for crying out loud!  It taxes us without our ability to refuse and provides us with services we never asked for.  How difficult is it to thieve?  Do you need consultants to do this better?

The simple fact is that it is always an admission of failure to recruit consultants to do the work for you.  They are more expensive, they don’t understand the history of any organisation.  They don’t even know where the damn bathrooms are.  Most successful businesses do not employ consultants.  It’s bad for morale (message to current employees: “You’re too stupid to do the big strategic stuff”).  It’s often useless (or even damaging).  These arrogant, just-out-of-business-school laptop toting myopic robots often recommend unnecessary change (there is a pro-change bias in all consulting work, to justify the millions in fees).  Their recommendations often destroy workplace continuity. 

Sometimes these spreadsheet-worshipping management geeks remind me of the “daleks” out of Dr Who (“DESTROY!…DESTROY!…DESTROY!…”).

So why the Hell is over $450 million being spent on outside consultants?

When analysing the Australian government today, look for the traditional Aussie “handball”.  Look not to the salaries and benefits of the pollies and the bureaucrats (however unnecessary these parasitic salaries may be).  Look carefully at the consultants, the advisors, the contractors, the suppliers.  And look for the pollies’ kids, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts…

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