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Government duplicity over the environment. Surprise, surprise…

It continually amazes me that governments spend so much time trying to “fix” problems they themselves have created, or fix non-existent problems whilst ignoring real ones.  Exhibit A in my case against the duplicity of yet further pointless government regulation: The current carbon tax proposal that is being shoved down our throats. 

Exhibit A has already been discussed here and here.  It is so patently obvious that those pushing for a carbon tax could not care less about the future or the environment.  First, the government and the media in Australia have behaved shamefully in suppressing shocking information about the oil spill off the North-West WA coastline.  Now, according to Greens Senator Rachel Siewert, the government is not telling the truth both about the nature of the oil (it’s not light crude that evaporates, as the government originally suggested – it’s clearly heavier, more toxic, more damaging crude because Indonesian fishermen are reporting weathered oil coming into their waters) and the extent of the spill. 

The government only days ago argued it wouldn’t be likely to come close to Indonesian waters. Faced with evidence of weathered oil appearing in Indonesian waters, they are now questioning whether the oil is from the Montara wellhead (ABC radio is reporting that it could be “natural oil” – but the Greens rightly point out that the Indonesians have never seen “natural oil” in this area before).

If oil washed up on Indonesian shores with rubbish from the Montara oil rig clearly marked “From the Montara Oil Rig”, I’m sure the Australian government would claim it was a coincidence.  The level of obfuscation, the (criminal?) inaction by PETTP and the government, the media blackout on information about the extent of the spill and the damage to the environment… it’s so obvious the government is trying to dodge liability for any fallout.  It’s childish, embarrassing.  It’s sickening to see a man-made avoidable environmental catastrophe on this scale downplayed by the criminally callous government and ignored by a spineless media.  “Let the Indonesian fisherman die if it comes to that, rather than accept legal responsibility for the oil spill” must be the advice coming out of the Attorney-General’s Dept.  Shame on all of them.

At the same time as their criminal neglect and appalling, grubby, cover-up tactics regarding of the worst environmental catastrophe in decades, the very same government expects us to believe that they are bleeding heart environmentalists intent on saving the planet from the “rapist-free-market-capitalists” who cannot control themselves from raping and exploiting every available resource?

Who are they kidding?

The government’s solution to any problem is always “more government intervention/regulation.”   Both parties are populated by simple closet control freaks, using the environment as cover for greater control over the economy to entrench their own power structures.

Don’t be fooled.  They couldn’t care less about the environment. While I’m crying at night over the oil spill off NW WA, the very same government that cares for our children so much that they must impose a carbon tax on us all callously suppresses any information regarding the Montara oil spill and has imposed a total blackout over this God-awful govt stuff up that will kill the eco-system and fisheries in that region for years to come (and potentially poison us with toxic fish – who’s to say we won’t eat these fish in a year’s time?).

For a government to be screaming about a hypothetical future problem needing a govt-enforced carbon tax – in the face of the ACTUAL LIVING REALITY of the biggest environmental catastrophe in decades (censored by the govt and the media and the oil companies) – this shows how much they care about the future and our environment.  They couldn’t care less.

Control freaks in government never really care about the environment. They care about power over people. The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe were the worst polluters. Because no one could sue the government for pollution in socialist Hell.

Raising interest rates would do more for the environment than any carbon tax.  It would encourage saving and reduce unnecessary consumption.  But that simple policy suggestion never touches the lips of either Liberal or Labor political hacks.  Why?  Because they do not really care about the environment. 

A carbon tax will give the government “Mark of the Beast”-style control over industry.  That is what Turnbull and Rudd both salivate over.  That is why rational argument over a carbon tax is suppressed. 

We are living in an age of darkness.  There are genuine free market solutions to these problems.  But they are never considered because they do not involve furthering the power of coercive government.

With these power-crazed salivating idiots in charge of our futures, this will not end (oil) well.

I guarantee it.


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