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Keynesian-Leninist Censorship on Wikipedia

It is shocking that senior administrators within the bowels of Wikipedia have considered it necessary to censor Skip’s own talk page.  Skip’s (personal?) talk page simply recorded his appeal to have his unjustified ban removed and also provided a record of the abuse he suffered at the hands of others.  Why would anyone want to delete this history unless the nefarious purpose was to wipe out any record of his existence and his reasonable appeal for the ban to be removed?  This does not show confidence in the reasons given for his ban, nor does it exemplify the best spirit of “openness” on WP.

I mourn his death on WP, as it symbolizes the creeping mindless robotic bureaucratization on WP, which is merely a reflection of the creeping mindless robotic bureaucratization in the ugly, polluted real world I have to live in.

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