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Today’s rant: I wanna be anarchy…

I don’t know why there are drug laws, legal tender laws, laws regulating alternative medicines (conventinal medicine kills many more people), laws regulating adult prostitution, laws regulating the provision of labour (voluntary exchange), laws regulating trade and commerce (the ACCC is a large intrusion in the market for no reason other than to protect big business and law firm interests and banking and govt), laws regulating seat-belt wearing, laws regulating speeding and laws stipulating helment wearing for bikes (no accident has occurred, no victim exists any of these offences – it’s like castrating the son of a pedophile in anticipation of him committing the same crime!).

The State exists (I thought) to protect individuals from unlawful aggression, protect people’s property against theft, and protect the country against foreign invasion. That’s it. Now I find it’s doing everything BUT these things. They have turned plunderer. They have turned thief. They have turned swindler. They have turned counterfeiter. They have turned criminal. We have been made into slaves of those who wish to control and exploit us.

Time for anarchy anyone?

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