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The inherent contradictions in market regulation

The shallow spin doctors in Canberra are trying to respond to the news that Australian food prices are way above world averages by claiming the Rudd government will open up competition in the duopolistic retail supermarket sector.

Err… guys… if you have a monopoly fiat money system enforced by a monopoly central bank run for the benefit of a banking cartel (surprise, surprise!) this is going to create duopolies and monopolies in the real economy.

Small businesses (particularly small wholesalers and manufacturers) are completely screwed, sadly.

Central banking concentrates power into the big banks because every time the Ponzi Scheme collapses, the central bank only saves those closest to it – the systemic banks. Same in the US. And those banks only lend to big business. So after each cycle, further concentration in both finance and industry is inevitable. Until the concentration collapses on top of itself.

The idiots in govt think that the ACCC, Australia’s pointless anti-trust regulator, can “solve” something endemic to the system. One pointless governmental parasite growing off another cannot be anything other than another burden on an already over-regulated business community.

“Concentration after crisis” is an integral part of the central-bank supported fascist financial system we have. Papering over the cracks will do nothing. That’s why most small businesses are doomed. They won’t get funding from the big banks and their customers are drying up. Squeezed at both ends – by monopoly paper fiat and by the very existence of a central bank supporting the big boys. Monopoly money inevitably leads to monopoly FULL STOP. That’s what the system DOES. It eats its own until only it exists. Like cancer, it grows until it eats the host.

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