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Collapsing tuna stocks a taste of things to come

There are moves both in the Northern hemisphere and Southern hemisphere to limit or ban bluefin tuna fishing due to collapsing fish stocks.

This is just one aspect of a collapsing food supply around the world.  

A point will come when the environmental damage from bank-credit-sourced over-consumption and unsustainable large-scale industrial agriculture will become so bad that whole categories of food source will collapse within months.

Tuna fish are probably next. Then other fish. Then bee-pollinated fruits and legumes. Then meat (from high feedstock prices caused by a massive spike in oil prices and competition from humans for feedstock). Then even wheat and sugar due to GM stuff ups, disease and poor farming practices.

It won’t be the price that adjusts. It will be a catastrophic collapse in volume.

Overfishing in the late 20th century throughout the world is the model that will apply across the human food chain in the next 20 years. Everyone knows overfishing is insane and suicidal, but the most sophisticated, advanced societies in the world (EU, US, Aust, SE Asia) can’t seem to stop it. Fish stocks are collapsing. Whole categories of fish have been wiped out in European waters. It’s madness. And yet it’s happening before our very eyes. We can’t seem to help ourselves. The fishermen are in massive debt, they have to drag resources out of the sea to live themselves, the bankers won’t cancel the debts. We all end up with no fish due to the indebtedness of the fishing industry and lack of real savings in society. Caused by….caused by….caused by?  The debt-based monetary system we all suffer under!

If you think governments and bankers can handle other areas of the food chain better than this, then you’re crazier than I am – and that’s saying something!

Banks and governments are pushing us literally towards extinction. It’s tragic – but so obvious and so stupid and so unnecessary, it’s almost funny to watch.


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