The Emissions Trading Scheme looks likely to pass, with both wings of the coercive government “Bird of Prey” agreeing to foist this new “Mark of the Beast” tax on the unsuspecting Australian public.

Sad, in so many, many ways.

First, it comes just as news breaks of the scale of fraudulent scientific “research” into climate change.  See here and here and here and here.

Second, there were allegations in the Senate today that Dr Clive Spash’s work on alternatives to a carbon tax had been censored by the CSIRO.  The CSIRO just happens to report to “Red” Carr (noted left-wing zealot).  See here and here and here.

Third, no one seems to have made the OBVIOUS alternative suggestion: If climate change threatens to kill our children, and human production/consumption is causing this supposedly deadly over-heating, surely the most efficient, immediate, effective and equitable solution would be to raise interest rates around the world to 10%.

This simple measure would (a) reward savers (b) encourage capital accumulation and allow for further research and investment in alternative energy production (c) with 100% certainty reduce consumption and therefore emissions (unlike the hare-brained ETS scheme which gives back with one hand what it “taxes” with the other) (d) be equitable in the sense that it would minimise the govt’s ability to selectively impose the tax on its enemies and provide carbon credits to its favourites.

Ahhh….but that’s the very reason why it couldn’t ever be considered!

Because this whole scam is about putting in place a “Mark of the Beast”-style universal tax that will have every industry running to the govt begging them for favours.  Giving tribute to Satan’s Spawn is what it’s all about.  Bow down slaves and beg for life.  Or else.

Fourth, the only Parliamentary idiot who made sense today was Senator Barnaby Joyce.   He correctly (a) accused Labor of Leninist-style censorship (it’s true!) (b) stated openly that the ETS is a scam to create more gambling chips for corrupt venal bankers and brokers (c) stated that this huge bureaucratic nightmare is simply a wealth-transfer scheme to suck $s from every ordinary Australian to Sydney and Melbourne “elites” (read: PARASITES).  This is the real reason for this bizarre new tax.  The bwankers desperately need another paper scam if the liquidity demands currently being considered by APRA do get imposed on the counterfeiting bwankers.  The bankers are looking at fleecing another sheep if they can’t make more profits through excessive monetary embezzlement.

Yet, irony of ironies, Joyce was the “victim” of ABC employee and (apparently) govt-spokeswoman Virginia Trioli’s “crazy face” accusation, which effectively labelled him (and anyone else questioning the efficacy of the ETS) as insane.  See here, herehere and here

She’s still employed by the ABC, despite this massive insulting faux pas.  If you or I did this when interviewing Senator Wong, daughter of Mao, I’m sure we’d never have a career in media EVER AGAIN.

So we have a left-wing zealot play-acting as a journalist, laughing at anyone genuinely questioning this bizarre new tax – and she’s still employed.  We have this “crazy” Senator being the only one making any sense today in the Senate.  We have a new “Mark of the Beast” tax that makes no sense, will not do anything other than create a massive new bureaucracy and trading chips for bwankers and brokers.  We have not actually addressed pollution and “climate change” (remember: the big polluters have received massive tax credits for no reason other than politican influence).  We still have massive depletion of the world’s resources through debt-created over-consumption.

We are run by madmen.  And madwomen (most of whom appear zealots or lesbians – or both).

Finally, just on the very legitimate point that – perhaps – gays and lesbians should (generally) not be chosen to form long-term public policy, see this controversial research by Hans Hermann-Hoppe.

Then look at Wong, and half of the Labor Cabinet.

I rest my case. 

We are run by a pack of sociopathic zealots intent on controlling every aspect of our lives, incapable of addressing our real (very real) environmental problems and who will undoubtedly feed off our children like cannibals.

Death, come swiftly…


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