Do the math

Up to half of all water in Australia is sourced from aquifers, from the underground water table.

Deforestation has poisoned much of the water table with salt.  Over 12 million hectares of arable land is threatened with dry land salinity, killing off the fertility of this land for generations.  This desertification is occurring mainly in WA, central NSW, and in rural SA and Vic.

Further dispersed pollution is occurring through poisoned run off from farmland and land fill, further polluting the water table near urban populations (removing underground water as an option for many urban areas).

With ongoing drought in many urban areas, some cities (such as Sydney and Melbourne) are looking at energy intensive desalination plants as dam levels systematically decline, just as infrastructure and population pressures in urban areas intensify.

If energy supplies were ever interrupted, our water supplies would now be very vulnerable.  “Natural” supplies (from bore water and aquifers) have been removed from many urban areas and will continue to be removed.

This unprecedented and irreparable damage is occurring with a population in Australian of around 22 million.  This is planned to increase to 35 million by 2050.


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