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The Paranoid Mind of a Parasite

According to Austrian School economist and Libertarian thinker, Murray Rothbard, every government employee and government contractor is a parasite living off coercively acquired taxes that should never have been “stolen” from the people.

Leaving aside the accuracy of Murray Rothbard’s description of govt employees and assuming it to be true, what would the mind of these parasites look like?

Well, first and foremost, they would be paranoid about the inherently unnecessary, irrelevant and redundant role they play in society.  They know they sit around doing nothing.  They know they are a negative, parasitic drain on society’s precious resources.  They see the money coming in from “stolen” taxes and they know they are shockingly unproductive and unresponsive when compared to the market.  They fear and resent this fact, like mortals fear and resent death.

So, logically, they will obsess about their own “relevance”, constantly justifying their role in society by creating false “alarms” needing their “vital expertise”, constantly talking up the importance of their work, constantly looking for validation and publicity, constantly trying to deny the essentially irrelevant nature of their existence.

Now, think of the fact that Osama Bin Laden “conveniently” hasn’t been captured for 8 years and yet the US and UK govts scream that this is a vital task of govt for self-defence; think of the ridiculous misinformation regarding climate change and the screaming over the “need” for a govt enforced solution (such as an ETS); think of the SIMULTANEOUS and INCONSISTENT need for “stimulus” spending by govt, with the Treasurer and other govt hacks bleating on about how govt was essential to keep Australia spending money on stuff no one else would buy (if it was necessary it would have been bought without the govt having to step in); think of the countless ways in which govt employees assume they know what they are doing but simply do nothing other than confuse, obstruct, slow down and otherwise frustrate the workings of the market… and then consider the wisdom of Murray Rothbard’s analysis.

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