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Brilliance and courage from a government leader

Let it never be said I am irrationally negative about politicians and government employees.

Here is a courageous, correct and fundamentally sound statement from the Swedish Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, as reported in today’s Daily Telegraph:

We have been very clear that we do not put taxpayer money intended for healthcare or education into owning car companies or covering losses in car companies.  You cannot save jobs just by pushing in taxpayers’ money if you don’t have the competitiveness to survive in a tough industry with overcapacity.


I am in awe. 

He is resisting pleas from the unions and pressure from GM to pour public money into Saab to save it.  He is right.

What the Australian govt did in comparison was shameful.

I note that St Vincent’s Hospital may have to reduce purchases of new equipment because of $24 million in investment losses, I note that millions of dollars have been wasted on shoddy insulation due to the govt meddling in the private market for insulation in Australia, I note that hospitals are (according to the Tele) at overcapacity dealing with the spike in new births taking place, I note that billions and billions have gone to save the local car industry and the banks.  From themselves.

I’m off work because of illness right now.  Losing money.  It wasn’t my fault. 

Where’s my handout?

Once it starts, where does it stop?

The answer is it doesn’t.  Until the whole system collapses and anarchy reigns.

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