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Financial Tsunami Warning Alert!

As can be seen from the many entries on this Blog, I am not alarmist.  Pessimistic, yes.  Defeatist, yes.  Alarmist, no. 

Unlike Steve Keen, I did not anticipate a collapse in housing in Oz.  Unlike Steve Keen I did not predict economic calamity for Oz in 2008/09.  I did predict a housing bust in the US and in the UK.  I did predict a long recession/depression in the West (particularly the US).

So far, my record isn’t too bad.

I now issue my first Official Financial Tsunami Warning Alert for 2009: 

If this story is correct, we are in for a wild, wild ride in the first half of 2010.

Please prepare yourselves for a second massive credit crunch in January 2010, extending throughout the first half of 2010, with a second wave of mass defaults and a second round of shock waves through the markets.  I anticipated massively increased volatility in coming months, but this will take it to another level altogether.

Everything will go down in the “crunchiest” of credit crunches if this story is true.

I recommend hunkering down and saving in real money and fake fiat paper.   Stay as far away from the banks and the sharemarket as possible.  Neither will be a safe place to store your wealth if this story is even 50% accurate.

Take care out there.

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