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Two wings of the same bird of prey

So, after all the political “intrigue” over the Liberal split, it looks like the ETS legislation will pass tomorrow no matter whether the Goldman Sachs message boy or the Banker’s Husband is voted in as leader.  Abbott would vote down the legislation, but big ears is as likely to win as Dumbo is to fly.

Libertarians in the US often label the two political parties as “two wings of the same bird of prey,” a term coined by Butler Shaffer. To think the ETS legislation – giving unprecedented power over virtually all economic activity to Canberra – would be voted down by the central government is laughable.  Those “employed” in this game are there to dole out favours to their backers.  This increases that power.  Everyone in Canberra wins.  Only the “community” loses.  So it will pass.  Of course.

But step back and think of the irony, the lunacy of this legislation.  We don’t yet have definitive uncontested factual evidence establishing whether grass absorbs more carbon than trees, whether storing carbon in trees is better than cutting them down and letting them grow again, whether the mouths or the butts of cattle cause more emissions, whether sequestration will work…we don’t know ANYTHING definitive about these and many other questions.

But, in the name of an invisible gas that may or may not be causing climate change, we will be forced to cede unprecedented planning, financial, economic, business, farming power to the central govt.  Property rights will be rendered meaningless because a carbon tax could change the valuation of any asset at any time. 

Two wings of the same bird of prey, flapping away to enslave the working men and women of the world.  This is Mark of the Beast-style control over every transaction in the economy.  I am reminded of Murray Rothbard’s sad, forlorn efforts to hold back the tide of govt oppression in the US.  From the WP on this great man:

Building on the Austrian School’s concept of spontaneous order in markets, support for a free market in money production and condemnation of central planning, Rothbard sought to minimize coercive government control of the economy. He considered the monopoly force of government the greatest danger to liberty and the long-term wellbeing of the populace, labeling the State as nothing but a “gang of thieves writ large” – the locus of the most immoral, grasping and unscrupulous individuals in any society.

Rothbard concluded that virtually all services provided by monopoly governments could be provided more efficiently by the private sector. He viewed many regulations and laws ostensibly promulgated for the “public interest” as self-interested power grabs by scheming government bureaucrats engaging in dangerously unfettered self-aggrandizement, as they were not subject to market disciplines which would quickly eliminate such parasitic inefficiencies if they were to occur in the competitive private sector.

Rothbard was equally condemning of state corporatism. He criticized many instances where business elites co-opted government’s monopoly power so as to influence laws and regulatory policy in a manner benefiting them at the expense of their competitive rivals.

He argued that taxation represents coercive theft on a grand scale, and “a compulsory monopoly of force” prohibiting the more efficient voluntary procurement of defense and judicial services from competing suppliers. He also considered central banking and fractional reserve banking under a monopoly fiat money system a form of state-sponsored, legalized financial fraud, antithetical to libertarian principles and ethics. Rothbard opposed military, political, and economic interventionism in the affairs of other nations.

The locus of the most immoral, grasping and unscrupulous individuals in any society.


We are regressing back to tired ideas about govt being the saviour with this legislation.  Where are the lessons from Eastern Europe, from Chernobyl, from the Aral Sea?  This stealth centralisation of economic decision-making, away from the market-based decentralised approach that has worked in the West for centuries is a guaranteed recipe for disaster.  I stand as a witness to this madness.

What drives this fascist-socialist agenda?  Certainly not genuine policy debate about the environment. 

Madness drives it, the insane zealotry that has driven egotists and madmen for centuries.

And the paranoia of parasites.


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