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Wikipedia is surprisingly accurate

Taken from the “criticism of fractional reserve banking” article:

Some monetary reformers see the prevalence of the debt-based monetary system ultimately resulting in a political crisis, between the vast majority of dispossessed who have had any accumulated net wealth periodically “stolen” during periods of “credit crunch” (and find themselves in permanent inter-generational debt, being forced to work involuntarily in the money-economy simply to house themselves and survive in the debt-based economy), and a tiny minority of inter-generational, super-rich elites connected close to the font of the money supply (being the private banking sector), who will strongly resist calls for redistributive economic policies by using all of their financial strength and lobbying power in an attempt to entrench and sustain their artificially privileged status. Given that the profession of this privileged minority is to produce nothing other than debt and inflation, and given that they face being rendered impotent if the power to print debt-free money was returned to government, it is to be expected that those associated and aligned with the private banking interests will use any means necessary to preserve their power, as they have no other skill besides the issuance and distribution of debt money.

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