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Without oil, we starve

Estimate (roughly) the percentage of products in the supermarket that have to some extent relied on oil to be packaged, produced or shipped to store.

I would estimate 100%.

Estimate those products where oil was a significant (10% or more) component of the cost. 

I would estimate around 80% of all products sold in the supermarket (including fertilizer, transport, plastic packaging and other oil-related derivative costs).

When you add fertilizer, drugs and cosmetics to transport and packaging, it’s fair to say we are almost wholly dependent on oil for our cities to survive. 

An organic farmer in the UK is struggling valiantly to wean her farm off oil, admitted that the whole food chain is “dripping in oil.”  We simply could not survive without oil.  That’s an ORGANIC farmer talking.

Now, consider this:  some in the oil industry are predicting another oil crisis within the next 2 years, due to Peak Oil problems.   

How stupid to create a whole economy around an imported, unsustainable, polluting fossil fuel!  How insane to create a supply chain wholly reliant on a fuel that, with 100% certainty, we know will run our!  How bizarre that this has been allowed to happen without debate, without discussion, without comment!

Either I’m mad, or the whole world is mad. 

I suspect it must be me, because no one else is screaming about this.


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