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The dying US food chain

Half of all food in the US is wasted, with most ending up in landfill.

This is clearly not sustainable.  The amount of wasted nutrients that are not being recycled back into farmland and back into the food chain is frightening.  The Native Americans must be turning in their unmarked graves over the inefficiency, the waste, the loss of natural habitat, the sheer madness of the whole system.

Only Michael Rowbotham would empathise with them.

Why are we worried about climate change when these OBVIOUS environmental problems are staring us in the face?

Because we have madmen in govt and in the banking system playing childish games.  When the game is up, somehow I don’t think these idiots will be the ones to save us.  They’ll be the ones running with the food under their arms, screaming “Let’s get away from the suckers.”

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