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Shoot me

Sometimes, when a Nobel Prize winner and respected mainstream economist makes a comment so bizarre, so Orwellian, so chutzpah-filled, so “Up-is-Down, Black-is-White”, so f*cking plain crazy, I really want to die.

Paul “Krugmaniac”, economist to the stars, the one person arguably most responsible for Japan’s lost decade (century?), states the following in pushing for even more insane deficit spending in the US:

Waiting to be absolutely, totally sure that we really need more strikes me as deeply irresponsible.

Right.  So a consistent policy of trillion dollar budget deficits as far as the eye can see is responsible and calling for a stabilisation (not reduction!) in the deficit is irresponsible???

Note:  This is in the context of Krugmaniac criticising Ben Bernanke – himself “the definition of a moral hazard.”  Bennie Boy is a prostitute for the major US banks, nothing more, nothing less – and Krugman is criticising him for not selling out even more!  He could not have sold out more if his life depended on it!

Paul Krugmaniac is verifiably insane.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result.  Krugmaniac almost single-handedly destroyed the Japanese economy by advocating an unprecedented (and insane) zero interest rate policy and massive Keynesian deficit spending, which has led them into a cul de sac, where they are now being slowly slaughtered economically, with no prospect of escape.  

Krugmaniac doesn’t think he’s wrong (he thinks he’s a genius after all).  It’s that the world hasn’t tried his ideas “hard enough”.  Japan should have bankrupted itself more.

Similarly, the US isn’t bankrupting itself fast enough for Krugmaniac.

He never learns.  No tenured academic bureaucrat ever does.  He will keep going until every economy is in the grip of a govt bureaucrat.  He is a zombie, intellectually atrophied, dead of fresh ideas.

To think this transparently stupid Fabian propagandist zealot got the (fake) Nobel prize in economics!

Death, come swiftly.

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