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Righteous theft

I was in the (govt owned) Post Office earlier today.  Long line.  A couple walked in.  Both had tattoos all over their arms.  They walked around the store, picking up CDs and Christmas gifts and put them in two large plastic bags.  They were clearly openly stealing stuff.  The guy was insane, talking loudly to himself that “Me mate’s gonna like this CD!”, picking up stuff around the store like he already owned each item.  Everyone in line shut up, did nothing.  Including me.  One short frail female staff member came out and said “The cameras have shown that someone put a CD in their bag.  Who was it?”  I pointed at these two people, now in line apparently waiting to pick up a parcel.  These two screamed that they hadn’t been served yet and were intending to buy one of the CDs, which they pulled out of one of the bags.  They then threw one of the CDs at the staff member and asked for the staff member’s name.  The woman started screaming “We haven’t been served yet!  We were gonna buy but now we’re not!  You’re a bitch, you are!”

Still screaming at the top of their voices they walked out, carrying one bag full of stuff, leaving the second bag on the ground.  No staff member did anything to stop them.  No one called the cops.  The line of people obediently stayed in line.  So did I.

I was amazed not one staff member realised that the couple had put the calling card on the counter, which showed their address.  All the staff needed to do was to call the cops, and give them the residential address on the card!  But, as govt employees, they didn’t care.  They were still paid the same regardless of the items being stolen.  No one seemed to care, they were all relieved these two crazy people left the store.

Later I realised this was the perfect analogy for the whole organism of coercive government.

These two insane people really believed they had a right to steal, because their friends needed the items “more” than anyone else. They had a sense of righteousness – they really believed they had a right to take anything in the store. They were doing it for their mates. Then, when a staff member questioned them, they became even more aggressive, intimidating the staff member and walking out with stolen items. No guilt. No regrets. No understanding of the consequences of their actions.

Government steals by coercively collecting taxes from the people. They then disburse these funds to their rich and powerful friends, mainly holders of govt bonds in most of the Western world (which means, ultimately, counterfeiting bankers). They never question the “righteousness” of their mission. They never apologise. They never stop. They never reflect on the damage they cause.

The people never protest. Who would they appeal to? If they talk up, they are likely to be attacked and have their careers destroyed. They keep in line, they keep silent. They are submissive. They don’t want to cause trouble.

No one has the power AND the interest to stop the theft. Those with power thieve. Those with an interest in stopping the theft don’t want to fight.

The theft continues forever until no one is left to produce anything, and even the thieves starve.

This is coercive government – righteous theft.

This mindset infects any righteous group of zealots who believe in taking land, property, the livelihoods of others. This has happened throughout history. To indigenous peoples everywhere.

And now, to the Palestinians.


Who am I to stop them?

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