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1984 in 2009

You know you’re living in an Orwell novel when:

1. The only politician who makes sense (Barnaby Joyce in Oz and Ron Paul in the US) is treated as a lunatic, and the lunatics (“robot” Julia Gillard in Oz and “Master Freemason” George Bush in the US) are treated with respect.

2. Joyce is castigated for telling the truth about sovereign debt.

3. Joyce is told it’s “irresponsible” to suggest that some States could not pay back their debts.  Surely it’s “irresponsible” to have racked up enough debt for this to become a controversial issue in the first place!

4. The ETS is treated as serious policy and REAL environmental catastrophes such as dry land salinity, oil spills of the WA coast, the corrupt mining industry raping fertile farmland for a cheap buck, and topsoil erosion are all studiously ignored by the media.

5. Insane US and UK debt levels are treated as “normal”.

6. Krugman argues (successfully) that more deficit spending is the only “responsible” way for the US govt to get out of a  financial crisis brought on by too much debt.

7. Not one mainstream media outlet seriously questions the billions in misallocated stimulus spending.

8. Counterfeit banking is respected, lauded and made legal.

9. Fake health scares such as SARS, and Swine Flu require compulsory vaccinations of the populace.

10. Good people are murdered, their lives or careers destroyed for speaking out and telling the truth.

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