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Without fresh food, we’d be dead

and some are making the very reasonable prediction that the food supply will collapse with monetary collapse.

Reviewers in the US are labelling the film Collapse as extremist, nightmarish, apocalyptic…

But no one has analysed and critiqued the facts of a rising urban population, a squeeze on arable land, a spike in oil, a collapse in bee production and pollination, a collapse in the division of labour, a systemic crisis in the financial markets (which very nearly did happen in Sept 2008) or many other allegations that serious scientists and analysts are making.

Is everyone who follows conclusions logically from their facts extremist for following the facts to their logical conclusion?  Just because we haven’t seen collapse in our lifetimes doesn’t mean it can’t happen.  China, Japan, indigenous peoples around the world, the Mayans, the American Indians, the Romans, the Egyptians…  all these civilizations have experienced (or are experiencing) catastrophic environmental and social collapse.

The question is not “How could this happen?”, rather “How can it not?”

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