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Simple math showing we’re doomed

If oil was not available for transport and fertilizer, we’d need to survive sustainably off local land, local vegetation, local sea life.

An extended family of 10 hunter gatherers would require around 20 square kms of fertile land to live – perhaps more given they would move through a wider area seasonally, following the migration patterns of their food source.  An equivalent family of farmers (without fertilizer or oil) probably 5 square kms.  An equivalent fishing-based family, probably 5 square kms of fishing area (depending of course on the location).

The world’s human population far exceeds the arable land and near-land sea space that can sustainably, without oil, support human life.

Oil is a non-renewable, limited resource.  Peak Oil has already arrived, according to some analysts.

Something is gonna break.  6.79 billion people (growing exponentially!) does not sustainably fit within 10% of our land mass.

Which 4 billion will be “voted off the island”?  How?

Malthus wasn’t wrong.  Just early.

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