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Bankrupt venal govts look to ETS as saviour

It is so obvious that the push for an ETS is all about new sources of govt revenue, it is not funny.

What is funny is that AT THE SAME TIME as govt bureaucrats are “promising” (hand on heart, promise!) to reduce carbon emissions some of the biggest govts in the world are neck high in debt, facing multiple financial crises and can no longer hide their embarrassing fiscal and managerial incompetence – incompetence that would make a compulsive gambler or drug addict blush with shame!

The NYTimes reports that the State of New York faces a massive financial crisis (again).

Greece is in big trouble, with a €300 billion debt black hole.

Central Europe is in big trouble.

The UK is in big trouble.

The US is in big trouble.

Heck, even Queensland may default on its massive debt.

And you think these SAME incompetent, blind, short-sighted govts, these same govts that have caused such unprecedented, massive environmental, financial and human suffering over the past recent decades are genuinely concerned about the environment, are genuinely concerned about our children, are genuinely interested in saving the planet and are not just desperately grabbing for another tax buck to save their own stupid short-sighted venal little skins?!

Ha. Ha. Ha.

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