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Remembering Joh

“Joh” Bjelke-Petersen’s 99th birthday is coming up on 13 January 2010. 

Who remembers Queensland as the lowest taxed, best governed State in Australia?  Who remembers when it had the lowest debt levels of any State?

The government-owned ABC, which was controlled by the Labor government at the time, did a series of vicious, incendiary “hit pieces” on Joh that caused the collapse of his conservative government and ushered in a Labor State government that has proven to be equally as corrupt as Joh’s much smaller government and has systematically destroyed the State’s finances to such an extent that lefties are now fighting amongst themselves over whether the State should sell off the family silver to pay these debts.

I wonder if Queenslanders prefer the days of Joh to the corrupt debt-laden days of Capt Bligh?

And I wonder if the ABC’s “award-winning” Chris Masters will come out of hiding and do a hit piece regarding the corruption, the venality, the incompetence, the financial destruction of the Bligh Labor government.

Somehow, I doubt it.

Governments are always and everywhere corrupt.  The question is whether you have corruption on a smaller scale with less debt or corruption on a larger scale with more debt.

I hope the ABC, Chris Masters and the Queensland public are happy with the latter.

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