ETS as “rent seeking”

According to Wikipedia:

In economics, rent seeking occurs when an individual, organization or firm seeks to earn income by capturing economic rent through manipulation or exploitation of the economic environment, rather than by earning profits through economic transactions and the production of added wealth.

In other words, rent seeking activity occurs when businesses try to use corrupt governments to change compulsory laws in their favour and feed off government revenue rather than try to serve individuals in the market through voluntary trade.

Banks are the biggest rent-seekers in the Western world, spend the most on lobbying governments and have the closest connections with central banks and governments.  Oil companies probably come a close second.  Third, probably the military-industrial complex.  Fourth, probably aged services and medical services providers.  Fifth, probably telcos.

The ETS is a massive rent seeking exercise with billions at stake.

You create a honey pot of billions of dollars collected coercively by governments worldwide and concentrated in the form of an ETS, you set up a venue for around 15,000 people to discuss how to collect and dole out these billions, and then you invite 45,000 people into the venue…

And you are surprised by chaos?

This is government at work.

We are doomed.

“Anarchy” (decentralised local voluntary self-government and a voluntary gold standard) is way, way, better than this.

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