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John Quiggin on Plimer

JQ goes after Plimer.  Again.

I am no great admirer of Plimer.  Why JQ wants to lump all critics of an ETS as right-wing psychopaths robotically parroting the same point of view is beyond me.

I have the following issues to raise with JQ (of course he won’t respond, but my frustration compels me to act):

1.  George Monbiot admits he is ashamed and embarrassed as a scientist regarding Jones’ (and other climate scientists’) attempts to suppress contrary research, to “mould” the debate to suit their agenda and their cynicism regarding the whole process of science.  Is JQ equally ashamed?

2.  If scientists are willing to plunge to these depths, what integrity can we expect from the political process regarding an ETS, which is much more corrupt and is subject to rent seeking pressures?

3.  Even if Plimer is a madman financed by the mining industry (neither of which I accept) what has this got to do with the efficacy of an ETS in tackling climate change?  Satyajit Das (noted derivatives expert and trader) has come out on Phillip Adams’ LNL in support of a carbon tax NOT an ETS.  He thinks an ETS would be subject to corruption and wouldn’t achieve the goals needed on climate change.  Is he mad too?

4.  Why the focus on climate change when dry land salinity, phosphate depletion, the destruction of farm lands in WA and in central NSW, irrigation rights, the destruction of the Murray-Darling Basin are all more pressing issues?

Name one recent government innovation or policy that has “worked” regarding the environment. 

$2 billion in free insulation?  Corruption, deaths from faulty installation… requiring govt to step in and regulate the industry even more because of govt incompetence in the first place. 

Reserving land for climate change?  Farmers are protesting in NSW (one is on a hunger strike) because of the effect this policy has had on farmland.  This amounts to compulsory acquisition of land without compensation – a violation of the Constitution.  No one seems to care.  Certainly not from the NSW or Federal govts.

Everywhere govt goes, disaster, corruption, incompetence and rent-seeking parasites seem to follow.

Does anyone see a pattern here?

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