Beds are still burning

Peter Garrett must think we’re monkeys.

Government suppression of the appalling pollution still resulting from the oil spill off NW WA has been truly impressive.  It’s like it never happened.

Have you heard of any updates on the story since August 2009?  Have you heard whether or not Indonesian fishermen’s allegations regarding aged oil still appearing in Indonesian waters is correct?  Have you heard whether the leak has been completely plugged?  Have you heard when the investigation will start as to the cause?  Have you heard whether PTTEP will continue to enjoy access to mining rights in Australia?

No, I haven’t either.

All we got after the leak was (supposedly) plugged was a SINGLE GRAINY STILL PICTURE (no live shots or video) of a burnt out oil platform and soothing words from the govt that the leak had been contained.  That’s it.  End of story.

I have a few additional questions for those with longer memories (longer than 5 minutes that is):

1.  Has the leak been proven to have been completely plugged or is there evidence of leaks still continuing?

2.  Why has no video footage been released of the oil rig?  Can the media now have access to the area?  If not, why not?

3.  How long will it take for the investigation to start?  The longer this drags on the more likely evidence of culpability will be covered up.

4.  Has the govt accepted liability for any damage to Indonesian fisheries arising from the spill?  What is the estimated compensation?  When will this be determined?

5.  Has any preliminary study been done of the ecological damage caused by the spill?  If not, why not?

6.  Will any long-term study be undertaken of the potential after-effects, such as contamination of sea life and potential contamination of our own food supply?  Have there been any recommendations regarding the banning of fishing in the waters surrounding the oil spill?  If not, why not?

7.  What is ASMA doing to ensure the risks of future accidents such as this one are reduced?  What recommendations have ASMA issued to oil rig owners?  What investigations or compliance visits will be done by ASMA in the coming months on oil rigs, if at all?  Who at ASMA is taking responsibility for the oil spill?  Anyone?  Or was it an “act of God” in ASMA’s view?

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