All things are subject to the law of cause and effect. This great principle knows no exception, and we would search in vain in the realm of experience for an example to the contrary. Human progress has no tendency to cast it in doubt, but rather the effect of confirming it and of always further widening knowledge of the scope of its validity. (Carl Menger, 1840 -1921)

In an attempt to avoid chronic depression and keep intellectually active during a sad period in my life recuperating from illness, I have decided to start a blog to record my experiences and transfer some of the knowledge I have accumulated to a wider audience.

Why would you care?

Well, I am Karmaisking on Wikipedia. I have made over 10,000 edits on Wikipedia. I am also banned from Wikipedia, mainly enforced by “mainstream” economists “LK”, “JQ” and others. If you look at any economics article (say, “credit crunch”) and then go into history, you’ll soon find me. I won’t necessarily come up as Karmaisking (I am banned) but you’ll soon find me.  The articles I have (mostly) written include criticism of fractional reserve banking, credit crunch, credit cycles, systemic risk, ABCT, the introductory sections to Austrian School and Murray Rothbard (including his section on free market money, which was a labor of love)… amongst many others.

I also have the following qualifications: B.Comm(Hons) majoring in financial economics/risk, LL.B(Hons), MA, LL.M (Columbia). My academic interests included Austrian economic theory, risk analysis, probability theory and international financial regulation. I was hated by a number of my Professors for my advocacy of the Austrian School, which is (perhaps) interesting in and of itself.  I have learned to keep an unbelievably low profile, to avoid having my career destroyed (again) or being ridiculed too often by anyone other than my wife.

This blog is dedicated to the following people: Murray Rothbard, Ludwig von Mises, Richard Daughty, Bill Bonner, Jim Sinclair, Michael Rowbotham, Ellen Hodgson Brown. And the Buddha.

I hope to analyze and chronicle the fall of modern finance and hopefully “nudge” (in a behavioural economics kind of way) our banks and policy-makers to make fewer mistakes and to avoid killing us as a society.

I don’t put much store in my efforts, or my chances of success, but will do my best.

Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy the time you spend here. I will try to make it as informative, as hard-hitting, and as truthful as I can.  I tend to write with a “link-rich” style, so it is important that you click on the links provided (highlighted blue), as they are an essential part of the arguments or comments I will make on this blog.  If you don’t actively click on the links provided, you will have no idea what I’m saying half the time.

If you wish to contact me discreetly, feel free to email me at rememberkarma@yahoo.com.au.  Please, no death threats.  I’ve had enough of those to last a lifetime.

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